Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 ways to decorate your stairs & banisters this Christmas!

Hello dear Christmas friends!

It's a been a busy week at our place and now I am on school holidays I am very excited about catching up with my Christmas bloggy friends and finding some new ideas for my Christmas decorating from Pinterest.

I always struggle with decorating for Christmas Down Under. For a start it's summer so it seems strange putting up wintry decorations. I also don't have a fireplace so I don't have anywhere to hang my stockings! Luckily I have found some fun and festive alternative ways to hang our stockings... with care!

Here are 25 ways to decorate your stairs and 
banisters this Christmas!

25 ways to decorate your stairs & banisters this Christmas!

Hospitality Pineapple

Brighten Up a Banister
Source: bhg.com 

Simple Bay Leaf Garland
Source: BHG

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Hello sweet Christmas friends! Thanks you so much for stopping by to visit me at my Christmas bloggy home.

Can you believe that there are less than 100 days until Christmas? I've noticed that Pinterest is full of wonderful Christmas ideas, some stores here in Australia have already got their Christmas displays ready and  lots of Christmas blogs are posting more and more frequently....I guess I'd better get myself organised and find some more Christmas inspiration!

For today's post I thought I could share some of the gorgeous wintry and Christmassy pictures I've pinned and tumbled at my Christmas tumblr blog. Some ideas are classic, some are modern, some a little bit farmhouse but I hope you will agree they are all festively fabulous!

Let the Christmas decorating begin!

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