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12 Days of Christmas Traditions~Gingerbread Houses

Welcome to another day of my 12 Days of Christmas Traditions Series. So far I have had so much fun posting about Advent and Candy Canes. I have also had a great time checking all of the wonderful posts that have been linked up each day!

Today, Day Three,  is dedicated to all things Gingerbread!

Today I am delighted to have my wonderful bloggy friend, Dorothy, guest posting. I am sure that many of you already know Dorothy very well as she is the author of the fabulous Holiday blog, Joys of Christmas.

Joys of Christmas

Dorothy will be sharing a post that she did on Gingerbread houses back in September. 

Thanks so much for sharing this post at my 
12 Days of Christmas Series Dorothy!

I have never actually made a Gingerbread house so I am very keen to learn more about them!  Gingerbread was brought to Europe in 992 by the Armenian monk Gregory of Nicopolis (Gregory Makar) (Grégoire de Nicopolis). He left Nicopolis Pompeii, to live in Bondaroy (France), near the town of Pithiviers. He stayed there 7 years, and taught the Gingerbread cooking to French priests and Christians.

Source: via Natasha on Pinterest

The baking of gingerbread houses has long been a Christmas tradition, and some are truly architectural wonders. Here is a video on how to make a Gingerbread house from Reinwalds Bakery that includes a gingerbread recipe that is 100 yrs old.

The harder German-style Gingerbread is often used to build gingerbread houses similar to the "witch's house" encountered by Hansel and Gretel. These houses, covered with a variety of candies and icing, are popular Christmas decorations, often built by children with the help of their parents.

Since 1991, the people of Bergen, Norway, have built a city of gingerbread houses each year before Christmas. Named Pepperkakebyen (Norwegian for "gingerbread city"), it is claimed to be the world's largest such city. It's free for every child under the age of 12 to make their own house with the help of their parents. Assa, from Nissas Juleblogg sent me this link The-Worlds-largest-Ginger-snap-City. When I went to the website and saw the picture of the gingerbread city, which is free for children under the age of 12 to make their own house with the help of their parents, I was amazed in how much work must have gone into making this large miniature city! It's so beautiful.

Another type of model-making with gingerbread uses a boiled dough that can be molded like clay to form inedible statuettes or other decorations. (Wikipedia)

A significant form of popular art in Europe, major centers of gingerbread mold carvings included Lyon, Nürnberg, Pest, Prague, Pardubice, Pulsnitz, Ulm, and Toruń. Gingerbread molds often displayed the "news", showing carved portraits of new kings, emperors, and queens, for example. Substantial mold collections are held at the Ethnographic Museum in Toruń, Poland and the Bread Museum in Ulm, Germany.

For more gingerbread inspiration, here are just a few of the beautiful Gingerbread Houses you can view in a photo gallery at Martha Stewart's Website. I can't imagine the time that goes into making these!

I don't know if I could eat up a gingerbread house after all of the work that goes into making one, they are just so darn cute! But I do recall in one of my earlier posts about the cute little gingerbread boys and girls my friend gave me, how I gobbled those up with a cup of good!


Thank you so much for finding this interesting information and these great videos about Gingerbread Dorothy! I think I might start small and maybe make some gingerbread men before I attempt a gingerbread house!

Have you ever made a Gingerbread house? Have you recently posted about Gingerbread houses or Gingerbread men? If you have I would love it if you could share your post today! You don't have to link up to me but if you would like to add my Christmas button I would be truly honoured!

5 Minutes Just For Me

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If you would like to join in with the series, just click here to see the full program. I hope you will be back again tomorrow to share some Christmas Tree ideas and inspiration! 

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Blessings and best Christmas wishes,


  1. Wow, now those are beautiful ginger bread houses.

    My PINK is inviting you to come and take a peek. Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Natasha,

    Thanks so much for having me as a guest for your Twelve Days of Christmas series! I'm so honored! I had to update the video on the post as it was no longer working. I'm so sorry about that! I found one from Reinwalds Bakery that includes a free gingerbread recipe that is 100 yrs. old. Have a great weekend!

    Thanks again Natasha!


  3. I love Gingerbread! I even nickname my kitchen "Gingerbread Kitchen" during Christmas. (Sad, but true - I rename my house Candy Cane Cottage during the holidays too.)

    So fun to see these fabulous designs. Now I want to make some gingerbread cookies.

  4. Some of these gingerbread houses are incredible! You reminded me of my own woeful attempt to make one last year with my daughter - read at your own risk :-)

  5. I love all of these gingerbread houses they are amazing!!!

  6. HPS!

    Lovely post and those Gingerbread houses are beautiful!

    My favorite is the Hansel and Gretel!


  7. Hi Natasha, what amazing images of the Gingerbread City. so beautiful. thanks so much for linking up all the fun to VIF! xoxo

  8. You really have a nice variety of Gingerbread houses. All are unique in their own way. Great job.

  9. How beautiful, an edible city...

  10. Love all the gingerbread houses. So fun! Thanks for linking up and sharing:>

  11. Gingerbread houses are my favorite!! Thanks for linking up!

  12. I wonder if i actually have the patients to make a Ginger bread house ~ Well gues what i am going to give it one hell of a try this year !!!
    Will make eure i let you know if it is a flop or win lol :-) xxxx

  13. There is some seriously beautiful gingerbread here! Thank you for sharing all the yummy eye-candy :-)

  14. Hi Natasha,

    Such a fantastic post with so much to see! Some amazing creations!

  15. I made a gingerbread for the first time ever this year. I can tell you that it looks NOTHING like these gorgeous ones. Heh.

  16. wow we are going to struggle even with our house kit - these put us to shame!

    deb @ home life simplified

  17. Amazing pics and such assortment. Thanks for sharing and all the help you have offered, so appreciate it. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  18. Wonderful post Natasha! I will try to get a gingerbread tea together and join you! Very pretty! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  19. So much gingerbread fun! Lovely post. I am having some trouble posting the ginger girl photo to pinterest at the moment, so I will be back to pin it later. Thanks so much for adding these lovely traditions to the Christmas party at Holiday Haven, I am honored.

  20. Great post! I love gingerbread! Here's another page for my pinterest board! =)

    I'd love for you to link up this week at my Friday Favorites party!

  21. What child hasn't dreamed about finding a gingerbread cottage in the woods? This post is all the fun, without the calories (or the scary witch).

  22. Love this post!!

    And just to let you know that you have been featured on Serenity Saturday link Party!!

    Hope you can come and join us again this week

    Natasha xxx

  23. Thank you for sharing these beautiful gingerbread houses! I found you through Serenity Saturday.

  24. I linked up my kitchen tour because I have been slowly adding a candy/gingerbread theme in my small tree and accessories. Hope you like it! XO, Pinky


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