Friday, July 22, 2011

Decorating for Christmas with Cloches

Welcome Christmas friends!

I know that for many people it is too early to be think about Christmas but since it is winter here in Australia Christmas in July is very much on my mind! It is around this time every year that I start planning my decorating, shopping and it is also when I host my annual Christmas in July party!

So to give me some inspiration and get me into the Christmas spirit I am posting pictures of my Christmas cloches and apothecary jars.

Christmas Cloches

If it wasn't for Marty, I wouldn't have even known what a cloche or apothecary jar was, so thank you Marty!

I only have a one cloche and three apothecary jars as they are only just starting to become quite popular here in Australia and so they are still quite expensive. But, I make do with what I have and am always trying to fill them with seasonal prettiness! I have filled up these smaller ones with my bathroom whites, perfect for White Wednesday at Faded Charm don't you think!

Right now my apothecary jar is full of wintery pot pourri.

But as soon as summer arrives I always fill it with my ever-growing shell collection!

At Christmas time you can be sure I fill it with lots of festive bling!

Christmas Cloches

Christmas Cloches

Christmas Cloches

I just love decorating with cloches and apothecary jars. Somehow, everything just looks so much more special and beautiful when encased in glass!

Artificial holly in a glass jar

Christmas Ornament-Filled Glass Cloche

Christmas Light-Illuminated Glass Cloche

Thanks for dropping and visiting today. I hope that your week is wonderful and that the spirit of Christmas fills your day with happiness and love.

Best Christmas wishes,


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ice Cream Christmas Pudding

As you would know Christmas day in Australia is usually very hot. We haven't caught on to the whole cookie exchange concept yet, probably because it is too hot to keep baking all day! Since it is so hot many Australians tend to have cold foods on the big day. Many families serve cold seafood, salads or have family BBQ's by the pool. However, since my mum is from England we always have turkey (with stuffing), baked ham and Christmas pudding. Now I am not a huge fan of all the peel that goes into a traditional pudding so I always make one that is made with ice-cream, chocolates, cranberries and macadamia nuts...YUM!

To make this yummy ice-cream pudding add:

2 bars of white chopped white chocolate

2 Peppermint crisp bars

2 small toblerone bars

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