Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Sunday Song for Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air in blog-land at the moment!  Valentine's day is on many people's minds so I thought I could be angelic for a while show you some cute little cherubs.

Vintage Holiday crafts
A cherub is a form of angel mentioned several times in the Bible. Today the word is usually used for putti- babies or toddler angels- in art. The putto is a figure of a human baby, almost always male and they are often naked and have wings. The cherubs that we are most familiar with are found especially in Italian Renaissance and Baroque art.
Sleeping Putto Léon-Jean-Bazille Perrault
Two vintage Christmas angels singing
The Putto`s Kiss by William Bouguereau 

The most famous piece of art that depicts these beautiful creatures would have to be Raphael's two Putti.

I love this picture so the first cherub treasure I would like to share with you is a reproduction print that my Grandparents gave us for our wedding.

Our print hangs right above our bed.

This little cherub is also very special to me as he originally sat on our wedding cake, 16 years ago!

Another wedding memento that is cherubic in nature is our beautiful gold leaf wedding album that sits on an antique blanket box in our bedroom.



The final cherub treasure I would like to show you is a beautiful tapestry cushion that we have in our sitting room. 


I have others but I might show them to you another day...maybe next Valentine's! In the meantime I hope you might listen to one of my favourite songs about angels from one of my very favourite singers. I will be linking this up to my Sunday Song post which is dedicated to all things romantic this Valentine's weekend.

Please enjoy Angels by Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams - Angels (Original)
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Well, thank you, dear friends, for visiting me today and I hope that the spirit of love and happiness that is Valentine's day is with you all year long!  

Best wishes always,
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