Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tweet Tweet!

Have you noticed how many Bird Christmas decorations are out this year?

There are pink birds,

Red Birds,

Purple Birds,

Silver Birds

and Brown Birds

I am particularly fond of the blue birds....

There is one other Blue Bird that I am loving at the moment...

I guess my love of blue birds is the reason why I decided to join the ranks of other Blue-bird watchers out there in blogland and I am a now a Tweeter on Twitter!
 I like the idea of constructing short snappy messages and that sweet little Blue bird was just so darn cute I couldn't resist joining!

So if you are a tweeter, chirper or blue-bird watcher too, please tweet me and say hi! 

Follow natashainoz on Twitter

Follow natashainoz on Twitter

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Tweet tweet and best wishes,


  1. This is a really cute post! I'm not a tweeter yet but hopefully someday I shall be and then I will "tweet" you! You know... there are a lot of birds this year but the ones I am most amazed by are the real Robins that start singing at 2:30 or 3:00 a.m. every morning. I mean this is mid November in the Northern hemisphere!! It sounds like spring though! I just love it!
    (Could this be why there are so many bird decorations for Christmas this year?? There are a lot of birds?)
    Have a really nice day and I hope you get "tweeted" a lot!

  2. Natasha,
    My mother always said to out a bird on your Christmas tree as it would bring Good Luck! I try to have a bird on all of my trees!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie -Dabble Christmas

  3. I love the brown ones!!!

    Did you see the my handmade Xmas cinnamon centerpiece I posted today on my blog???? It's really easy to do!! Have a nice day...hugs Fla

  4. Hi Natasha,

    I am really into birds this year, the more glitter the better! I am following you on twitter.

  5. Hey Natasha,

    This is very topical because I'm trying to make some Scandi-style felt birds as Christmas decorations right now!!

    I can't promise they'll be as gorgeous as these!!


  6. I have noticed all the birds. I like the fabric birdies best. I am currently attracted to anything with an owl on it!

  7. Cute little birds everywhere this year, for sure.

    Happy early Thanksgiving.

  8. Love those little sparkly birds!

  9. My most favorite decorative item -- birds! What a fun post, thanks!

  10. So happy to have come upon your blog, it's lovely!
    I look forward to following along with you through lifes many adventures!!

  11. Great to find you! I am a Christmas girl too..finishing a childrens book on Christmas Nikki Nissi and the Christmas Gift..I wrote and illustrated,(looking for the publisher) have a youtube song on Christmas I wrote and filmed and my husband is called Mr. Christmas for his Victorian Christmas
    His Christmas CD is truly beautiful..
    I will be visiting often. Hope you come see me too. Deirdra

  12. I love birds. Those bird ornaments are really cute. My favorite is the red felt one.


  13. Thank you Natasha. I love to be here and listen to the music. Missing my home...

  14. Ever since I can remember we have put a bird in our Christmas tree. I was always told it was good luck!!! I adore birds!!!!


  15. Thank you Natasha for your post. I love birdies. These are so cute!

  16. I have looked and looked, read and read your blog! I love it! I love the design, the fact that you blog about Christmas when most of us do a couple of weeks a year. You have the right idea! Christmas is a feeling, in our hearts the year 'round, not just one day! Thank you for this blog. I am following you!

  17. Hello Natasha! BTW, did I ever mention that was going to be my girl name except I ended up having 3 boys.

    Anyway, I just bought a little sparkley silver's very cute. I don't tweet, I figure I waste enough time online!!!

  18. I enjoy reading your blog Natasha and congratulations on your Stylish blogger award. You deserve it!


Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself...
Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas," 1976

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