Sunday, October 3, 2010

Natasha's Nuts about Nutcrackers!

I am sure you have probably worked out by now that I LOVE Christmas and I am hoping that if you are here visiting me here today that you might just LOVE Christmas too! I love Christmas so much that I have already started thinking about how I will be decorating our home this year and what new decorations I would like to buy. One thing that is at the top of my list is a new Nutcracker...perhaps one of these little guys that I posted about last week.

I think Nutcrackers are so special and festive and I would like to start collecting a few more. 

Martha Stewart

Nutcrackers for All

They have actually been around since about the 15th Century.


 They usually always have a large mouth which can be opened by a lever at the back. Source

 Williams Sonoma Home
D. Blümchen & Company.

These days we associate nutcrackers with the beautiful fairy-tale ballet which is always performed around Christmas time every year. 

Ana Bagayan

ETA Hoffman wrote a story called "The Nutcracker and The Mouse King" which was then adapted by Alexandre Dumas and Tchaikovsky composed the score for the ballet version of the story in 1892.  


Every year, in every city, countless ballet troupes, accompanied by Tchaikovsky's beuatful music, perform this classic about a girl who helps a wooden nutcracker man defeat a nasty army of mice and winds up in the magical dreamworld of the Land of Toys.

I have only got three nutcrackers but give me time....I am sure that they will have a new friend very very soon!

Here are my three Nutcrackers!

Aren't they a handsome bunch!

I think they are so fabulous that they should become Pop Art Icons for Nutcrackers everywhere..

Do you like my Andy Warhol Nutcrackers!? Aren't they gorgeous!

Here is a creation based on the work of David Hockney. It is a picture of the Christmas tree at the 
Rockefeller Centre that I took in 2004....I have New York on my mind....

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. 
 W.T. Ellis

Thank you all for visiting me today. I loved seeing you and I hope you will visit again soon!

Best Christmas wishes,


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  1. Hi Natasha, thanks for stopping by my blog! OK, I feel a little silly because I have had this blog bookmarked forever and didn't even realize it belonged to the same lovely woman who always leaves such nice comments on my blog! LOL!
    Great post today! I put Nutcrackers on my mantle too. They actually belong to my girls. My Daddy started a collection for them when they were babies. They are not expensive ones at all but they look pretty cool. I was just thinking the other day, what the heck am I going to put up there when my girls leave home and get their own place. I might just have to tell them, the nutcrackers stay, you have to come visit them, LOL! Have a wonderful week, Nan

  2. Fabulous post, Natasha!! Thanks so much for joining my Meme. I'm trying to not get discouraged about peeps not joining in. I guess not everyone is willing to dig out photos and show collections from Christmas season. TFS!

  3. I love your nutcrackers too! I think the short guy is my favorite, lol. He is just plain cute!! I love the way you have your blog arranged, very pretty girl!

  4. Wonderful post. So many interesting points. We give a nutcracker to each of our sons each year. A tradition started by their grandfather. And even though we have quite a few each new one is a treasure. Will have to pop over and look at the history, thanks for the source.

  5. I love the balet , I managed to see it a couple of times but I'm afraid to admit that I do not loe nutcrackers as much. May be simply because they do not belong to our traditions.Have fun with the research of the perfect new one. Rosanna

  6. Hi There

    Why yes, I'm thinking of Christmas right now listening to My Merry Christmas radio on Live 365. Love the nutcrackers. Our son collected them for a few years, so her has quite a collection.

    How many days:)

  7. You have a wonderful collection of Nutcrackers. Thank you for sharing them. Take care.

  8. What a fantastic collection! Festive and fun! Love your mosaics!

  9. I love them too and have some I love to put up. My grand children love them too! They are just so cute! ;D

  10. I love nutcrackers. Wonderful holiday post, but oh goodness ... I'm not ready for Christmas!!!!!!!

  11. LOVE Christmas... your blue nutcracker is my favorite!

  12. Oh Natasha, thanks so much for sharing your nutcracker collection with us! Love the mosaics!

  13. What a gorgeous, gorgeous post. I just love the Nutcracker ballet. I have watched it from New Jersey to Massachusetts, and from Hong Kong to Toronto. Never get tired of everything Nutcracker! Love this blog.

  14. Nutcrackers are pretty cool and I'm enjoying listening to your Christmas music. Great Warhol mosaic (I love that one and have used it, too.)

  15. My son loves nutcrackers. I think it might be time for him to start a collection.

  16. Every Christmas I think about collecting nutcracker, they are so cute and there are so many different designs....maybe this will be the year! I love yours, they are so festive.

  17. Hi,you have a wonderful collection of Nutcrackers.

  18. What beautiful ornaments. Love your collection.

    My Blue Monday.

  19. I love nutcrackers and have a huge collection that hasn't seen the light of day since the girls were born. :(

  20. Visiting for Blue Monday... have a great day and fun selecting more nutcrackers for your collection.

  21. I went first to your post on NY and loved it. We used to go there at the beginning of Dec. and haven't been for a few years, then hopped on over here and felt more like going to NY in Dec.

    We love nutcrackers. In Dec. I will post about my 2 huge ones that stand as high as I do. I got them one year at Costco and they were a steal at under $200. I have never seen them since. I have paid that much for small ones so I love them the best. I don't think my husband likes hauling them up and down the stairs, but he is good about it. Loved seeing yours. I have a short one like that one of yours and he was one of my first too. I love him because he is different.

    I bought myself 3 wise men nutcrackers for Christmas this year and my husband found them hiding in the basement and wanted to know what they were - Christmas presents, duh!

  22. Natasha,
    I love your Christmas blog! I am starting to think about Nutcrackers... Yours are wonderful.

    I love Big Huge Labs - fun things to do with photos.

    Have a great week.


  23. Nutcrackers are a nice idea for a collection, and you have a good start.

    Happy Blue Monday, Natasha!

  24. Natasha, I love your Nutcrackers! My hubby doesn't quite get why I love them but I do! It's just that they always make their appearance in their splendid uniforms at Christmastime and of course, I adore the Ballet. Your photos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


  25. Now I'm ready for the season to begin. Maybe I will start early this year, so I can enjoy the sights and sounds. Thanks.
    Lovely photos. Love the trip photos.
    My Blue Monday link for you

  26. Loved all your 3 nutcrackers and enjoyed all the hard work you did finding pictures of the others. The blue one is really different looking.

  27. Those nutcrackers are pretty! I don't have nutcrackers as my Christmas decoration I think this year I am going to look for them. ^_^ Happy MOnday!
    Fishes & Bird

  28. Hi Natasha,
    I love nutcrackers too, and have quite a few. The thing with nutcrackers are that you never can have enough. Every year I see new and pretty ones. They make a great tradition, if you remember to add a new one to your collection each year. I hope to get another one this season too. Love your Warhol Nutties!

  29. Natasha,
    You have a great collection! Can you believe that with all of my decorations I don't have a single Nutcracker...this may change this year!

    Best wishes,

  30. Your nutcracker collection already has very interesting designs -- each one has a special touch!

  31. I have a small collection of nutcrackers that we started when we first lived in Germany in the early 80's. There's something so Christmassy about them! When my daughter was small we went to the ballet every Christmas and then to tea at the Chateau Laurier - a tradition I miss!

  32. Absolutely lovely!!So lovely in fact, that I shall follow this blog too!

  33. Hey Natasha! Love your posting today - my MIL collects Nutcrackers and I'm always on the lookout for new ones for her. Thanks for stopping by my blog-Tomorrow's Memories. I just started it a few weeks ago and you were my first follower! I created a Christmas blog today-Christmas Spirit All Year Long-and would love to have you come over and visit. See ya soon! Joy

  34. Dear Natasha,
    It's Ann again just wanting to thank you for your lovely comment, for following along with me at my history blog and for adding St. Nicholas and Christmas as a sidebar! You are so kind! I will add your site to my links too! Isn't Christmas just wonderful!? The thing I have enjoyed most about writing St. Nicholas and Christmas for the last ten years (10!) is that it keeps me in that "Christmas place" all year long!
    Many thanks for your support and your beautiful blog!

  35. dear natasha,

    i love your gorgeous nutcracker collection!
    my mom passed along her amazing one to
    me last year, and now i line them up the
    stairs just like she always did.

    thank you for this lovely blog!


  36. Lovely nutcrackers. I love them but only have a few. I need a PINK one! :0)

    I've just become a follower of your Christmas blog and would love for you to follow me, too. I'm adding a link to your blog on my sidebar if that is okay!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  37. Hi N,
    I love to look at them, but I don't want to start collecting!
    Come visit, you are mentioned!

  38. Hello! I've left an award for you on my blog:)

  39. Hi Natasha,
    It is 'raking leaves' time here, but I am getting totally lost in your wonderful Christmas blog.
    It is very pretty and much fun to read!
    Have a happy spring day overthere in Aussie!
    Jacoba (in autumn)

  40. Hi Natasha! I just stumbled upon your blog from a comment you left on "News from Italy" ... and I'm so glad to have found you!!! Yes, I am a CHRISTMAS LOVER!!! And a Nutcracker one, too!!! I started a little collection of my own a few years back (my sister has been the biggest contributor of it - she loves the thrill of going out AFTER Christmas and buying them for me ... ON SALE of course!) I'm a follower now, and will proudly display your blog on my sidebar!!! Merry almost Christmas season!

  41. I bookmarked this site to show my son because he has a Nutcracker collection. It's huge! He really enjoyed viewing this page with me. Your whole blog is so cute! I am a new follower.
    Michael Ann

  42. It takes time to build up a collection. I am sure that you will. I have a bout 35 of them. I started off when I was about 17 and my parents gave me one that was a chimney cleaner designed nutcracker. I now have many more. I try to make sure that they are German carved because that is the more authentic. For the last few years my husband has given me one for Christmas.


Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself...
Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas," 1976

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