Thursday, September 2, 2010

Red and White Christmas Tablescapes.

The warmer weather is here in Australia  so for me that means that it is time to start thinking about Christmas!

I love the traditional reds, greens and golds of Christmas but I think this year I might have lots of white with accents of red for a festive pop of colour!

These ideas from Jo Malone are great-this is the sort of look I am aiming for this year.

I think I might also borrow some of these gorgeous Christmas tablescape ideas from Eddie Ross!

This is so simple but totally stylish and very beautiful. 

By working with a monochromatic palette, scattering fresh greens around the house, and  arranging some traditional treats and sweets on the table,  Eddie Ross has taken traditional Christmas decor to a whole new level!

I think this settles it- I am definitely going to decorate with red and white this year but give with a modern twist by adding some silver and green accents.

I am definitely dreaming of a red and white Christmas...

Thanks so much for visiting today! 
Blessings and best wishes,

*Images from here,here, here, herehere, and here.*


  1. You have's almost Fall here.
    Lots of pretty ideas for Christmas and I enjoyed seeing them. I like the red & white theme!
    Deb :)

  2. Just beautiful, I love Christmas all year round!

  3. what an inspiring post. I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures. Happy Spring to you!

  4. I have been thinking about Christmas because in my cleaning this week I came across a couple of old Christmas issues in some mags. Right now I just am not in a red mood, that could change. Sometimes I do lots of red. This year I may not....however I like the blue room you have shown with the touches of red in the dining room. I also like the picture with the fireplace with the clock above it and all the white dishes! Thanks for all these pics!

  5. Beautiful and inspiring Christmas tablescapes. I say it is never too soon to get some ideas going...Thanks.

  6. Red and White for Christmas is HARD TO BEAT...I use it most every year...

  7. What a wonderful collection of Christmas decorating ideas! All timeless and just lovely.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wonderful pics, Natasha! I spent the day at the beach, it was 90 here!

  9. Lovely pictures. Only 3 more months!

  10. Beautiful photo's! Thanks for the inspiration! Red is not something I would choose, but I think I will put in a little red this year. It's so festive! Bye!

  11. Natasha,

    Great post with lots of wonderful ideas. I love the whole season and cannot wait to start decorating this year.


  12. I can't wait to start decorating myself. Love Sandra

  13. Just gorgeous, thanks for the inspiration!

    Best wishes,

  14. I am having trouble shifting my thinking to fall, but this Christmas post feels so right and so welcome.

  15. Oh dear! I just can't think about Christmas yet...I have so many things to do! Like sell our house, buy another and move to West Virginia! Please it makes me crazy, because I want to drag all my christmas stuff out!!! (lol) I want to decorate every corner, every space!
    I LOVE the Christmas season..I can't wait to decorate a new home!I am sooo excited after this post!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas!

  16. Lovely ideas! My brain is spinning...U.S. blogs are all featuring Halloween decorating ideas and now the beautiful Christmas ideas here...YIKES!
    Your blog is great!

  17. I strongly dislike red except at Christmas; can't get enough then!

    I am very traditional in my Christmas decor, but find myself increasingly drawn to brown, of all things! Brown, with lots of copper and pinecones and fresh greenery. I guess old dogs CAN learn new tricks!

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful, inspiring photos!

  18. I am having clock envy over that mantle pic!!

  19. We are just beginning Fall here but soon it will be Christmas before we know it. I love Christmas, I do a tree etc. in every room of the house. So come back and see, thanks for your fun and inspiring post. I better get prepared soon!

  20. Red and white are great Christmas colors. I even like to throw a lime green in there. White has quickly become one of my favorite shades to use in decorating.

    The table scapes are so lovely. Thanks for showing the great pics!!

  21. Hey sweety you have so much traffic on your blog, I would love it if you would add my blog to your blog roll. I love your blog so much!!

  22. Thank you for sharing all of the lovely tablescape designs. Cherry Kay

  23. I just found your wonderful blog today and I love it. Just the inspiration that I need to start ordering my christmas stock for fab french.

    A tres bientot,


  24. Such fabulous red and white! love it! Love your blog background! HAve a great weekend!

    luvs and glitter

  25. Hello!!

    I love the traditional reds, greens and golds and you have shared some lovely examples of them with us today!! Loved it all!!


  26. Wow...such beautiful things. I really love that all white look...I could never pull it off, but I do love it. It seems so strange to hear you say that warm weather makes you think of on the other side of the world!

  27. what an inspiring post.
    The table scapes are so lovely.

  28. I love your post and the crisp and clear colors of red and white! Nicely done. The red sofa really makes that one pic "pop!" I especially like the little plates of piled up peppermint. I'll remember that...! Thanks for the ideas -- I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll come see me, too.

  29. Love the white feather tree. I've got mine out and am using it for fall.


  30. I love the ideas from Eddie Ross. You probably could pop in any color and use it with the Christmas green and have a very lovely design. Thanks for the great photos of Christmas.

  31. Such beautiful decorations in these photos. I did a red/white Christmas theme last year, and it was fabulous. So easy to stick to. This year I'm attempting a red/white/light blue color pallete, hope that is not too difficult.

  32. Hi Natasha

    Glad you liked the Ellen video. I love Ellen as she always makes me laugh no matter what mood I'm in :)

    These photos are so lovely. Makes want to decorate the house right now! If it's not too much trouble, would you mind putting my blog on your blog roll please.

    Hugs, Lily

  33. Hi again Natasha

    Thank you for voting. You're right "Winter Wonderland" should have made it to that list. Thank you for having my blog on your blog roll. I must have missed it :D

    Are you getting ready for Halloween? I went to a town nearby today & bought loads of new things! Will upload pictures soon :)



  34. Beautiful, Natasha! I am always amazed at the lovely decorating tips one can find out there. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  35. I found your blog recently and i loved it. From now on every day Christmas !!!!

    Yiota from Chania Greece

  36. I AM drooling on my computer screen...drooling!!!! What pretties you have found, and what inspirations I have seen. Thank you so much for posting this...I am dreaming of Christmas now!

    Christmas decorations


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