Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Elf Month!

This month many Christmas bloggers are celebrating Santa's special friends, the Elves!

There are so many ways you can invite these sweet little magical helpers into your  Christmas home...the possibilities are endless!

You could make Martha Stewart's pinecone elves!

These wooden dolly clothes peg elves are so cute and they are easy to make too!

Maybe you could bake a big batch of elves snickerdoodle cookies!

Or you could make some Happy Elf Cookies!

Family Fun has a great idea-you can make this cute Santa and Elf Shelf for your mittens or hats!

My favourite elf idea is wonderful if you have small children but it would be fun for older kids too...

The Elf on the Shelf is a little elf who comes straight from the North Pole! The "official" Elf on the Shelf  (or any other elf!)  arrives at your home early in the Christmas season to spend the holidays with your family.

Each night the Elf on a Shelf returns to the North Pole, while your children are sleeping, to report to Santa regarding their behavior. The next morning, after the children wake up, they will magically find the elf back from the North Pole, resting in a different spot - in the pantry, in the bathroom, wherever. 

Click here for 10 brilliant ideas on what your magic elf might get up to each night while the kids are sleeping!

The Elf on the Shelf site is full of fun ideas and games that your kids will love!

I couldn't publish a post about elves without including something about the most famous elf of all! I hope you enjoy this short clip from one of my favourite movies, Elf, starring Will Ferrell. 

Buddy will always be my very favourite elf!

Thank you for visiting me today and Happy Rudolph Day to my Christmassy friends! To see more Elf Magic and learn more about Elves be sure to visit these sites:

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Finally, I am linking up with Tinsel and Company's weekly 
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Blessings and best wishes to you all dear friends,


  1. Dear Natasha, loved your story about the elfes. Especially the one about the elf on a shelf. We used to have one when I lived with my mum and dad, but we never new the story behind it. I must aks her if she still got the elf. If so it will take a special place in my house from now on! Thanks for your stories and ideas! Huge hug Sandra

  2. Hi Natasha~
    What a delightful blog you have! I've had so much fun looking at your posts and seeing your photos. The Christmas music has put me in the spirit to do more christmas crafting. Thanks for visiting me...I'll be back here often for sure!

  3. Hi Natasha..such fun..I love the festive spirit here..i love all the elves so cute.great ideas....and yum..the cookies look fab!!

  4. I've added you to my list of "a fun read", I can't wait to check everything out. Gotta go to work now though...

  5. I really like the pine cone elves!! That would be a great project for my girls. They are always collecting pine cones!!

  6. Natasha, your little elves are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I am excited to see so many Christmas blogs out there. Thanks for sharing it all.


  7. Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for putting some Christmas in my heart today!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this. It is so fun to look at those pinecone elves. I want to bookmark this and do it for the coming Christmas.

  9. Ho! Ho! Ho! I just won a giveaway with Christmas fabric and now I'm dreaming of making your cute pine cone elves. First though we need to say So Long Summer. You're invited to my BlogBBQ! ;D

  10. I love this blog. All of the crafts look like something I can do! Thanks so much!


  11. Those little elves are so dear! It looks like a craft the kids and I would have so much fun doing together! Glad you shared :)

  12. Hi Natasha

    Love the elf on a shelf - I have several, but not the book. I'll have to keep my eyes open!!!


  13. Hi,
    I did a post about your blog, hope you don't mind? I gave credit for the photo's and linked back to you. Thanks for making x-mas in August!

  14. Hi Natasha, You are truly creative! I went to an event where individuals decorated their tables in theme, and there were 3 Christmas tables. To me, Christmas is first of all about Jesus, and after that, it's about beauty. It's a gorgeous time, what with the snow (do you get any?)and all the decorating. Have a great weekend, Natasha!
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  15. Hi Natasha!
    I had no idea you had this blog! It is so cute, I am so glad I found it
    I am following!

  16. Is it time for me to start thinking about Christmas already???


  17. The pine cone elves are so cute.I love your Elf shelf story. P.J. elf always brings my little nephew new p.j's on the night before Christmas Eve.It is really neat as he has new p.j's for the Christmas morning pictures.

    Of course he gets to enjoy an elf treat that is left for him :-)

  18. What a lovely post! Your photos are beautiful too.

  19. They are all so much fun! I have been in LOVE with the pinecone elves for a while and this year I think we are going to start the Elf on a Shelf tradition! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Best wishes,

  20. Natasha, there is so much to love about this post today. I must, must, must make those pinecone elves. So delightful! I can't wait to do the "Elf on a Shelf" this year. I know my 7 and 9 year old will love it. Hopefully, someday they will continue the tradition for their children too!

  21. Beautiful blog! Thanks for linking me to your blog :) I'll link yours to mine. I love your blog :)

  22. Hi Natasha I came over from tinsel and company. I LOVE ELVES! There ae far too many to count scattered throughout the house at Christmas. They truly bring magic for the holidays. Love your post cant wai to explore your blog.

    luvs and glitter

  23. It made me so happy to visit your blog and hear the Christmas music...I'm still smiling!!! Cute elf ideas, too!

  24. Cute ideas!!!! The pinecone elves would be great to do with my youngest son!!! Thanks!!!

  25. Your blog so puts you in the mood! Even though it is so hot here and feels like the middle of summer! Love your blog! The elves are darling!

  26. Awww I love all of the elves!!! Getting me in the holiday spirit!!

  27. Ooh, how lovely! Like ALL your elve ideas!!

    I am doing a "Christmas Get Crafty" round up, out on 1 Oct (ages I know) and will be including you!!

    Here is the last one (Summer Get Crafty) as a reference -

    Thank you!

    Red Ted Art

  28. Natasha, what a fun post! My Christmas tree is filled with elves and they reside all over the house during the season. I have a really nice white one that I love the best.

    Just yesterday I picked up 3 Fall colored elves at TJMaxx that I will use with pumpkins to decorate for Fall and Thanksgiving.

  29. I love the little elves... so cute. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy Sunday.

  30. Love your blog! Thanks for posting on Show and Tell so I could find you. I am adding your link to my christmas Blog.
    Paula in Idaho

  31. LOVE your blog! Love the ideas :) Christmas really is the best time of year...

  32. I love your blog! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi. It is so nice to see other Christmas lovers out there. I have added your blog and many others to my list. I am over joyed!!!

  33. Oh, it will be here before we know it! Thanks for getting us thinking that way. :)

  34. Dear Natasha

    Thank you for visiting my blog (Christmas-believe). I admire how much effort you have put in your blog. I particularly enjoyed your white Christmas photos and the Elf Months. Looking forward to browsing your blog in more detail :)


  35. Oh, I love your Christmas blog!
    I grabbed your button today and added it to my blog!
    Keep up the posting, I am enoying the reading!

  36. I just found your blog after you became a follower on mine. I love it. Those little pine cone elves are too cute. I collect the vintage pine cone elves in all their pastel colors. I usually don't think about Xmas till Halloween is over. But your blog got me in the mood and I may have to jump over to Ebay to buy a few vintage Xmas items. Better now then close to Xmas when things are more expensive.

  37. What a fun blog! I am totally bookmarking those cute pinecone elves! Thanks for your kind words about my teacup clock!

    love your guts

  38. Cute ideas! I had to chuckle because I just moved some of my gnomes inside (after all aren't they a cousin to the elfs?). I also moved some gnomes that were in a hutch out to the mantle area--I am in a fallish mood.

  39. This post made me smile really can you not smile at an elf! You have tickled me pink!

  40. Hi Natasha! This is a super post! I'm really fond of elves, especially one called Claus! (LOL!) I copied your first two images, too. Hope you don't mind.


Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself...
Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas," 1976

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